New report says iPhone SE 2 will be exclusively assembled in India

Posted March 29, 2018

Apple's first product launch event will take place on Tuesday at Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago, marking the company's first time of launching product geared towards education since 2012. During the development process, there's always the potential for things to change and release dates to be pushed back, but in the next couple of generations, we may see a foldable phone from Apple.

The rumors regarding the release of a foldable phone from Apple surfaced originally a year ago when Apple was apparently working with LG in an effort to research foldable screen technology.

Many are holding out hope that Apple will release a cheaper MacBook model. The iOS device, rumored to feature a 9.7-inch screen, will reportedly have support for Apple Pencil because it is aimed at the education sector.

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Our guess is that, while Apple may be working on a foldable product, it is not necessarily meant to be a new iPhone.

The analyst reports that the American company is already working with suppliers to create this bendable iPhone, which would be launched on the market within two years. General Motors' Cruise division has 110 permits-the most of any company.

The report also said LG Display set up a "task force" for developing bendable OLED display. That technology would be sold to carmakers. Siri availability in the app allows Model 3 owners to give voice commands to lock their doors, review how much charge is left on their batteries, and more. It's clear they see potential in the idea, however, and given the fact that the iPhone X was the fastest selling iPhone in history, they're keenly aware that innovation can drive some major sales numbers.

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Do you think Apple would launch a foldable smartphone?

It appears Apple is once again determined to conquer the educational market after seeing the success of Google and Microsoft in the recent years. And as always, stay tuned for more news, leaks and rumors on Apple! Other iPads have to make do with Bluetooth keyboards.

Next week's event will also provide an opportunity for Apple to boast about the work it's doing with Chicago schools. It's unknown, however, when Apple may add MicroLED to future products. Also, the report states that Apple is planning to expand the low-cost iPad into the service and industrial sectors.

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