Should You Worry About Influenza B? Doctors Say Don't Panic

Posted March 29, 2018

A weekly surveillance report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention noted that while the number of reported cases of Influenza A had declined, the number of Influenza B incidents were up.

While flu season is winding down, a separate strain is now being reported more frequently.

The other states were Arizona, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Though doctors are seeing more cases of Influenze B at the start of spring, Bolly says there is no need for patients who've had the flu shot this year to get another one.

Influenza B's tendency to affect children more severely makes a late-season outbreak highly concerning.

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"There's just a little bitty increase in Influenza B. We've seen this before".

For the period of March 11 to March 17, influenza A strains appeared in 42.5 percent of tested specimens of the flu virus, compared to 57.5 percent for influenza B strains.

Taking antiviral drugs when prescribed.

The CDC says children could be vulnerable to strand B, but Dr.

"We've seen a few more cases of Influenza A recently, over the last few days".

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This is because the strain of the flu virus that becomes widespread each year, also changes every year.

If you got the flu already, you could still get it again.

Still, the the flu was far less prevalent during the week that ended Saturday than it was during the weeks surrounding the peak reached during the week ending February 10.

"There are two different strains of A and two different strains of B, so you can get flu four times in one season", Knott said. In the 2017-18 season, 133 children have died.

Even though flu season is clearly on its way out given low levels reported activity here in East Tennessee and most of the nation, there are still thousands of positive cases being reported across in labs across the U.S.

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Health officials warn this strain could mostly impact children, but in Lucas County right now, that is not what health officials say they are seeing.