Gender pay gap at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust hospitals revealed

Posted April 06, 2018

It should still be noted however that women's mean hourly rate of pay was still 13.5 per cent lower than men's, while the median hourly rate was 9.9 per cent less. And in spite of a decade of austerity, public sector workers still have better job security, shorter hours and earn more on average.

This, of course, does not mean the pay gap issue should be waved aside.

Comparatively, in 1997, men earned 17.4 per cent more than women on average. This is a touch higher than that of the private sector, at 14.3 per cent.

Median hourly pay figures across Greater Lincolnshire councils.

Reporting on an adjusted basis is more popular among USA companies that have chosen to disclose their pay gaps under pressure from activist shareholders, including US banks Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp.

Among agencies, none has performed worse than J Walter Thompson Group which has a mean pay gap of 38.8% and a median pay gap of 44.7%.

WEF researchers have said it would take 217 years for disparities in the pay and employment opportunities of men and women to come to end, much longer than the 170 years they previously calculated no more than a year ago.

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A statement from the CAA executive - including chief executive Andrew Haines, but not directly attributed to him - said the structure of the organisation and the type of roles it contained was a "contributing factor" to the gender-pay disparity.

"We recognise the benefits of having more women in senior roles".

There have also been a number of companies which had to re-file their details due to misinterpreting the methodology for calculating the pay gap.

The required reporting is meant to shine a light on pay practices and what may stall a woman's career advancement.

The Victoria and Albert Museum pays women 7.2% less, while the Royal Academy of Arts has a pay gap of just 1%.

"Shropshire Council delivers over 150 different services and each of these is balanced in terms of pay, terms and conditions, but not surprisingly some professions and/or activities pay more than others".

The Icelandic initiative sought to address chronic hurdles that block women around the world from higher-paying positions.

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Perhaps it is rooted in the ingrained perception of women not being emotionally capable of dealing with top management positions.

Across European countries, women continue to earn less than men. With this sort of complacency, how can we expect things to change?

The publicly-funded venue, based on London's South Bank, has put its favourable figures down to working "consistently on gender pay balance over a number of years".

All companies and public sector bodies in the United Kingdom had to submit data on mean and median gender pay gaps to the British government's Equalities Office.

As the Financial Times discovered in February, there is a loophole for partners in the top worldwide law firms, accountants and consultancies that allows their companies to exempt their salaries from the firm's overall gender pay gap data.

With research by McKinsey & Company suggesting that eliminating the gender pay gap could add £150bn to annual GDP by 2025, Karen Gill, co-founder of female development group Everywoman, said employers needed to make "real, transparent commitments" to improving gender parity.

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