WWE Wrestlemania 34 - Every match happening this Sunday

Posted April 08, 2018

The Masked Ace has returned, and I have your Wrestlemania predictions here!

Prediction: This one is between Rollins and Balor, who have already faced each other for a title when the WWE Universal Championship was created. If this is indeed Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman's last go-around in WWE, they will be missed. He also appeared on Raw's 25th-anniversary episode in January, in which he said, "I declare for all of those who have fallen, it is truly time... you Rest in Peace!"

This one is even more of a head scratcher then the men's battle royal.

Flair has beaten them all but will be pushed to her limits against Asuka in a dream match that was bound to happen eventually as Asuka has remained undefeated during her time in WWE.

Fans will recall that the last WrestleMania show at the SuperDome was a monumental night in wrestling as a whole. Both of these guys are pretty good, but I think Cedric Alexander is in a better position to keep 205 Live strong, so I am picking him. We'll also hopefully see a few NXT stars - Kairi Sane was a huge hit in the Royal Rumble - and the return of some legends.

The Miz has elevated the Intercontinental Championship to new heights and will be looking at WrestleMania to be his victory lap following a stellar 2017.

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On the men's side, Brock Lesnar headlines against Roman Reigns.

For all the WWE Fans around the globe, you can either start watching WWE Matches without cable through WWE Network or Pay-Per-View. That's not exactly a great way to build any kind of anticipation for the match.

So let's count which titles are probably going to change hands. If Asuka wins Sunday there will certainly be fans complaining that the streak made her triumph predictable, but that's losing sight of the fact that Asuka is one of the best in the world, regardless of gender. Rusev Day is one of the hottest things going and WWE should totally capitalize on that!

The friendship between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss came to an end when the WWE Raw Women's Champion was seen making fun of Jax. Strowman wins to become a tag team champion. "Vince McMahon and I talked about this opportunity to do something really epic and wonderful".

That way, Shane could fire Bryan on the SmackDown after the Showcase of the Immortals and find a replacement for him, kicking off The King of Beards underdog story which would likely lead to a match between the two at SummerSlam later this year. But pretty much no matter who is in this match, team Braun is taking the titles.

The Usos (champions) vs.

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The Usos vs. The New Day vs.

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs.

I know a lot of people aren't decided on whether they should like or hate Ronda Rousey.

WWE WrestleMania marks its 34th year with some big names and matches occurring on this weekend.

He said: "The show is expected to exceed the length of the average school day and run for seven hours, and the crowd could riot if Daniel Bryan turns heel". Jericho feels that Undertaker will defeat Cena, and should "never lose again".

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