Trump stands in Tweet from embattled EPA Pruitt

Posted April 10, 2018

Scott is doing a excellent job!

Scott Pruitt's security detail has required far more resources than that of his predecessors, costing taxpayers almost $3 million when factoring in overtime and frequent travel for the agents who protect the Environmental Protection Agency administrator 24/7, according to an EPA official.

Shortly after arriving in Washington, Pruitt demoted the career staff member heading his security detail and replaced him with EPA Senior Special Agent Pasquale "Nino" Perrotta, a former Secret Service agent who operates a private security company.

Collins also discussed Trump's possible trade war with China, a chemical weapons attack in Syria and her vote for the Republican tax bill and the party's subsequent failure to pass her proposals to reduce health care costs.

In response to the questions about Pruitt's security spending, the EPA has maintained that his security detail was increased because the administrator and his family have faced numerous death threats.

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Pruitt's ambitious domestic and worldwide travel led to rapidly escalating costs, with the security detail racking up so much overtime that many hit annual salary caps of about $160,000.

The mind of a congressional supervision panel is now exploring Pruitt'using a condominium connected into an energy lobbyist, a aide said on Saturday.

Pruitt has in fact frequently flown first class, accompanied by a sizable security team - a necessary precaution, the EPA has maintained, given threats from his detractors.

"Americans should all agree that members of the President's cabinet should be kept safe", said EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox.

Law makers are inspecting Pruitt for leasing a room in a high-end townhouse co-owned by the wife of energy-industry lobbyist Steven Hart for $50 a night time, an agreement that has drawn fire from integrity experts. Media reports say the payment is less than one-third the price of similar properties. Trump has praised Pruitt's relentless efforts to scrap, delay or rewrite Obama-era environmental regulations.

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The EPA chief has also been accused of exorbitant spending, including the installation in his office - for $43,000 - of a secure, soundproof communications booth.

"I don't even possess a great deal of patience with that sort of stuff", Gowdy mentioned of Pruitt in a movie published by the environmental group Friends of the Earth.

As part of the committee's analysis, the EPA has produced documents, for example a memo from your EPA integrity office which initially overwhelmed Pruitt of accepting a gift from a lobbyist but failed to address if he broke other federal integrity rules.

Trump told reporters on Thursday that he would take a look into ethics allegations against Pruitt but added the official was doing a "fantastic job".

CNN also reported that Trump recently had floated replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions - who has earned Trump's ire for recusing himself from overseeing the Russian Federation investigation past year - with the scandal-ridden Pruitt.

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