Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Under Criminal Probe

Posted April 15, 2018

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, on Friday filed for a 90-day delay in porn star Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit, citing Monday's raids on his home, office and hotel room by U.S. prosecutors.

On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Cohen's office, hotel room and home, seizing numerous documents and other evidence.

On Friday, the Journal reported that Cohen, a deputy finance chair for the Republican National Committee, arranged a $1.6 million hush payment for his RNC fundraising colleague, Elliot Broidy, who sought to silence a Playboy Playmate he had an affair with.

"It's kind of like when you're boyfriend breaks up with you and then you put pictures on Instagram looking really happy, having champagne", Kirsten Powers joked.

But the Cohen matter is different, and holds much more different implications for Trump, McCarthy, who spent almost 20 years as a prosecutor in the Southern District of NY, wrote. "He is the president of the United States", she emphasized at one point.

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The filing, signed by acting U.S. Attorney Robert Khuzami in the Southern District of NY, also says that while the current investigation was referred by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, the NY investigation "has proceeded independent" of Mueller's work.

Searches of lawyers' offices are rare but not unheard of, and prosecutors use what's called a separate "taint team" to review the material and exclude any documents that are covered by the attorney-client privilege. He argued in a court filing on Friday that the seized materials must be reviewed by his attorneys to determine which of them should remain protected by attorney-client privilege.

From there, Cohen became a fixture in the president's organization.

Federal prosecutors say in a court filing that the criminal probe that led them to raid the offices of Donald Trump's personal lawyer this week is focused on his "personal business dealings".

"Among other things, President Trump has publicly denied knowing that Cohen paid Clifford, and suggested to reporters that they had to "ask Michael" about the payment", the footnote argues, citing a story by CNN's Kevin Liptak.

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"If you don't have the answers by 2 p.m. on Monday, I'm likely to discount the argument that there are thousands if not millions of documents", Wood told Harrison, referring to a follow-up hearing scheduled for early next week.

While Trump had the "utmost interest" in ensuring that the process of preserving attorney-client privilege was respected, so did the public - and anyone who has ever sought legal counsel, Hendon said.

Cohen worked as a high-level executive in the Trump Organization for almost a decade.

The afternoon portion of the hearing came after a hectic morning before Wood.

Cohen had already notified US District Court in Los Angeles on Thursday that he meant to request a stay in Daniels' lawsuit against him and Trump "on the grounds that an ongoing criminal investigation overlaps with the facts of this case".

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Cohen, however, said the officials who conducted the raid had been courteous and professional.