Fan Are Convinced The Walking Dead's Season Finale Introduced the Whisperers

Posted April 17, 2018

Following the showdown, everyone had to figure out more of what the future was going to hold. However, with Season 8 now over, the series will go into Season 9 with a new showrunner, Angela Kang, and, according to outgoing showrunner Scott M. Gimple, a "quantum leap forward".

Spoilers ahead from "The Walking Dead" Season 8 finale, and also TWD comic book.

But "The Walking Dead" has been softening Negan's character a bit. He couldn't say much about the illness that father Gabriel has, but it will definitely be a big part of the show.

Finally, AMC has released some images from Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4.

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It's clear Negan is out for blood after killing Simon (Steven Ogg) in the penultimate episode. Not meaning to, that's just where it goes.

This attitude could get them in trouble in the future. That Georgie bartered for music suggests the new Walking Dead may not only be calmer and more expansive in its view of the world, but also more strategic and more cultured. This includes all past episodes of The Walking Dead as well. While the whole point of honoring Carl's vision was very much there, it's hard to imagine Negan or anyone else ever surviving the blow that Rick put on him to his neck. "They're coming for us, unless we stand together", he said. "Rick was wrong to do what he did". That's interesting. That's new. Her ally, Morgan Jones (Lennie James), had a similar epiphany but decided he had to move on - which he did a few minutes later, crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead in its Season 4 opener. However, Rick gets in one final blow, slicing Negan's throat. "So I think it is ultimately a story about restraint rather than revenge and love rather than hate, which has always been integral to our show".

"When I read the script, I was a bit concerned when I slit his throat, because up until now, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been unbelievable, and one of the greatest assets he has brought to the show is the fact that at the end of each season, he does a three-page monologue". Carol has barely done anything in two years, Michonne and Daryl, too. New storylines began to take shape. It's a great way to stay up to date with all of our coverage on the show and to catch up with other Walking Dead fans. They get out to check on her and it's here - in the waning minutes of the episode - that we finally see some familiar faces.

Seriously. It's a exhausted trope now.

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It was a cool twist, although it makes one wonder: Even though time was of the essence, didn't anyone - besides Negan, who was given a gun with working bullets - test the new ammunition before going into battle? Psycho children are old hat now, and often lead to some of the slower, more stuttering moments in the show's history.

"I lose people, and then I lose myself", he'll reveal later in the episode. With Carl's death and Negan's defeat, it seems that Rick's story has run its course.

Do you think we'll have a big time jump when the show comes back? If Rick can be bumped off, then so could anyone else, at any time. Even taking into account the fans who might have ventured out of Sunday to watch the season ender in cinemas on the big screen, that's a 42% drop in the demo from the Season 7 "The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life" finale of previous year.

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