Mecca Masjid blast case: NIA judge resignation hangs in the balance

Posted April 19, 2018

Security alert in Hyderabad: IN THE wake of the verdict in the 2007 Mecca Masjid blast case, a security alert was issued and vigil stepped up in the city on Monday to prevent any untoward incident. Ravindra Reddy quitted the post hours after acquitting all five Hindu activists accused in the 2011 bomb blast at the historic place which had left nine worshippers dead. The reason is yet not known, with some reports suggesting that he resigned "due to personal reasons". Overall, this resign is looking quite interesting because today the special anti-terrorism court acquitted five men accused of being involved in the Mecca Masjid blast in Hyderabad.

"Mission accomplished! My congratulations to NIA for their grand success in Mecca Masjid case".

According to Telangana lawyers, Mr Harniath was incompetent for lacking any knowledge related to terror cases and had very little experience in criminal law, yet, he was given such an important terror attack case. The premier agency has not been able to arrest any of the absconding accused in these cases since 2014. Interestingly when the case was handed over the NIA by the CBI, the red shirt was missing. The incident had triggered violent protests and riots, prompting police action in which five more people were killed.

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The NIA had pursued investigations against the accused for more than seven years - after taking over the case from the CBI.

The crucial signed confession evidence by Swami Aseemanand, who is a former member of the ideology Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) wing reportedly went missing last month.

The NIA has already closed the 2008 Madosa case, citing lack of evidence. He said that Kaleem who was in a Hyderabad jail was tortured in connection with the same case and hence he made a decision to spill the beans. Swamy Aseemanand, a resident of Gujarat and head of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, was earlier acquitted in the Ajmer Dargah blast case and is now on bail in Samjhauta Express blast case of 2014.

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Taking exception to the Bollywood scriptwriter's jibe, BJP's Rao panned Akhtar for being a fan of Rahul Gandhi and asked whether he had coined the term "Hindu terror" on behalf of the Congress party. Another accused Sunil Joshi was murdered during the probe. In a series of tweets, Owaisi said the NIA and Modi-led government did not even appeal against the bail given to the accused within 90 days.

Former NIA Director-General Sharad Kumar, who oversaw the trial in this case, refused to comment.

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