3 passengers Wounded, window hits turbulence

Posted April 24, 2018

Flight AI 462 had taken off from Amritsar for Delhi on Thursday when the Boeing 787 Dreamliner encountered 10 to 15 minutes of turbulence as it climbed from 8,000 to 21,000 feet, the Times of India reported.

Jennifer Riordan died after one of the engines on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 blew up and shrapnel smashed into the window and the side of the plane. The blast shattered a window, killing a passenger, in the first USA passenger airline fatality since 2009.

According to media reports, one the injured passengers probably did not fasten his seat belt and bumped his head against the luggage compartment. Priti Chawla/Facebook/Storyful A still from a video dated April 19 appearing to show a flight attendant holding a woman's face after a window panel broke during an Air India flight.

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She then tried to console the passenger while three other passengers were reportedly being treated for minor injuries.

Some overhead oxygen masks were also deployed during the incident.

The banker was left hanging half outside the shattered window as fellow passengers desperately scrambled to drag her back inside the aircraft, which was carrying 149 people.

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The government expects this to allay concerns of potential suitors about the bidding condition, which mandates operating Air India at arm's length for three years.

It lasted nearly half of the 30-minute journey with the strongest tremors lasting 10-12 minutes, according to officials. A video shot by a passenger on board shows terrified passengers being consoled and assisted by the cabin crew. The outside part of the window, however, was not broken and no de-pressurisation occurred during the flight.

As the aircraft headed from NY to Dallas a fan blade in the left engine broke off, forcing the crew to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia and causing a window to break. All the three injured passengers were taken to the hospital when the flight landed in Delhi.

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