Disruptive Passenger Tased On American Airlines Flight

Posted April 24, 2018

In a video taken by another passenger, which has been verified by American Airlines, Garcia is seen being held back by three police officers while asking, "What is the reason you're removing me from this plane?"

A Miami-Dade police report says the flight crew told officers they tried to move Garcia, of Chicago, to another seat, but he continued to be unruly, screaming and insulting the woman and her boyfriend.

In February, an American Airlines passenger was detained after chasing airport employees on the tarmac at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Miami-Dade police were called to the plane while it was still at the gate in Miami, after a manager reported that Jacob Garcia, 28, had touched another passenger, according to an arrest report.

As the authorities entered the plane, it was clear that the passengers wanted Garcia off the aircraft.

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The passenger, named by police as Jacob A. Garcia, had to be forcibly removed by police officers. When police brought in a golf cart to take him outside, Garcia allegedly slumped to the ground to impede the officers.

Garcia faces disorderly conduct and other charges.

During the transportation of Garcia from the plane to the terminal, officers had to carry him while he verbally chastised everyone around.

When cops got to Row 13, Garcia kept pulling away from them.

[The flight crew] began the process of deplaning the entire aircraft. The same passenger was subsequently arrested by law enforcement.

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After Garcia was removed from the airport, he allegedly tried to grab the handgun of an officer and attempted to kick out the window of a police auto.

Garcia further delayed his departure - as well as the flight's - by entwining his legs with the aircraft seats.

He's been charged with five counts including battery, resisting arrest and depriving an officer of their means of protection, NBC News reports.

"We will cooperate with the Miami-Dade Police Department on this matter", the airline said in a statement. We thank our crews and airport customer service team for their excellent work in this situation'.

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