Russia Hints It May Provide Advanced Air Defenses To Syria

Posted April 26, 2018

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Tuesday that if Syria uses Russian-made air defense missiles against Israel, the IDF will strike back.

The Russian military has said it will soon deliver new air defense systems to Syria in light of missile attacks launched on alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities by the United States, Britain, and France almost two weeks ago.

Transferring upgraded air-defense systems to Syria could be seen as an escalation by neighboring Israel and raises the risk of Israeli attacks.

He has discussed such matters with an official of our Defense Ministry from the standpoint of preventing a situation where Syria might turn out insufficiently prepared for aggressive attacks, like the one that occurred on April 14.

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An administration official confirms to CNN that the flights took place and the USA and Israel are both concerned the cargo could potentially include weapons that could eventually be used to threaten Israel.

"I think that the usurper and occupying Zionist regime [Israel] will sooner or later receive the necessary responses which will make them regret their deeds".

"We are not interfering in Syria's internal affairs, but on the other hand, we will not allow Iran to flood Syria with sophisticated weapons systems aimed at Israel", he added.

The report did not specify which air defense systems Russian Federation was planning to deploy to Syria, where Moscow is propping up embattled forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad.

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"On April 24 ... the airspace monitoring facilities at Russia's Hmeimim airbase detected a group of small-size unidentified airborne targets approaching the base", the spokesperson said in a statement. Thousands of Douma residents left the town after the attack while Russian military police and Syrian security forced deployed in Douma, raising criticism from opposition activists the evidence may be tempered with.

"Based on it, a number of changes have already been introduced into the air defense system of the country, which will further increase its reliability", Rudskoy said.

Shein said that he "can't imagine" a scenario in which Russian Federation and Israel would come to direct blows in Syria.

The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross says the organization has been "flooded" with about 13,000 requests in the last six months from Syrians looking for missing family members. "Staffing anti-aircraft firepower of the Russian airbase, all air targets were destroyed", - said the source RIA Novosti in Hamima.

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