3 keys to victory in Game 1

Posted May 14, 2018

While Game 1 most certainly won't be the end-all for the Cavaliers or the Celtics, it will gauge much of this series. He's also watched every Cleveland Cavaliers game since the playoffs started almost a month ago.

With the Cavs preparing to face the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, here are a few things to watch throughout the series.

The trio, along with steady forces Al Horford and Marcus Smart - all utilised by the coaching of Brad Stevens - have propelled Boston past all expectations and given them a shot to inexplicably reach the Finals in what was assumed to be a lost season.

Before the Celtics tested James & the Heat in 2012, the Pacers put serious pressure on them with a 2-1 lead while Chris Bosh had to leave due to injury.

With James so strong, the Celtics will likely be unable to defend him one-on-one. It was my first time being in the playoffs, being able to go against one of the best players in the league, if not the best. And that's what has happened.

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Most, including Las Vegas, had them losing to Philadelphia, and a mild favorite at best against Milwaukee in the first round. The team is playing their beset.

One thing that impressed Nelson, from the Celtics angle the last month, was their decision to take away the top options for the Bucks and Sixers.

A lot of people are saying, 'How can they succeed like this without Gordon Hayward?' I've heard that.

"The Celtics did a great job of corralling The Greek Freak (Giannis Antetokounmpo) and Ben Simmons". This is the eighth playoff matchup between the teams overall, with the Celtics leading 4-3.

As the numbers show, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris will be tasked the most in containing James.

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"But you can try to affect his shot as much as you can by showing hands, being long off the ball, being active by showing bodies".

"This draft pick they are about to make is enormous", Windhorst said around the 39 minute mark of the podcast, pointing out that the Cavaliers have a history of winning Draft Lotteries even with low odds. He slowed down toward the end of the series, and sadly for the Jazz, a hamstring injury he suffered in the decisive Game 6 kept him out of the entire Houston series, but when he played, he made his mark.

James hasn't yet had a chance to reflect on his own run but says he isn't taking anything for granted at this point in his career. A team built very similar to that of the current Celtics, a young, athletic core. The Warriors they predicted, will take home the Western Conference trophy to the Bay Area, 6-1, and the Cavs the Eastern Conference gonfalon to OH via the same count. "That's where helping on LeBron too much can be costly".

That said, let's get into three keys for the Cavaliers as get ready to play Game 1 later today. The Cavs will need their second-best player to be great as well, or else that opens the door for Celtics coach Brad Stevens to preying on weaknesses. "I think there's still room to grow and we can still do better, but I think that series really helped us grow as a team". "The Celtics have countered that so far by playing so well as a team, with five guys contributing". When asked about that concern, small forward rookie Jayson Tatum said that he has no answers [VIDEO] because he is just a rookie.

Can the play of the young C's continue? There's also been some rumblings that LeBron may stay in Cleveland.

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"Scary" Terry [Rozier] has played great for them. That would be tough for Tatum.