United States says Israel showed 'restraint' as Palestinian death toll rises

Posted May 16, 2018

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said, "We disagree with the USA decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital" before a final peace agreement is reached in the Middle East.

Over sixty Palestinians were killed during Monday protests over the opening of the new USA embassy in Jerusalem, one day ahead of 'Nakba Day, ' according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Palestinians buried the dead on Tuesday from the bloodiest day in Gaza in years, after Israeli forces killed 60 Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel border during demonstrations against the opening of the USA embassy in Jerusalem.

Prior to the United Nations meeting, many USA allies, along with its foes, expressed criticism of the US decision to open its embassy in Jerusalem, saying it would increase tensions in the Middle East.

Monday's violence took place as the U.S. opened its new embassy in Jerusalem. "It's actually the only embassy in Jerusalem‚ all other embassies are in Tel Aviv‚" he said.

- Lindiwe Sisulu, International Relations and Cooperation MinisterOn this one we are ready to differ with people who do not see the crisis in the way that we see it.

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"It was a bilateral event between the USA and Israel and we were not invited", spokesman Adam Austen said in an email.

"I ask my colleagues here in the Security Council, who among us would accept this type of activity on your border?"

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) say Hamas insurgents used the U.S.'s embassy relocation to Jerusalem as an excuse to storm the border and plant explosives.

Tánaiste Simon Coveney also called on Israel to show restraint in the hours and days ahead.

From withdrawing from the Paris climate accord and more recently the Iran nuclear deal to moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem, the United States and Europe no longer see eye-to-eye on key issues almost as often as they did under previous administrations.

Merkel also expressed concern at the violence in Gaza, but said "Germany understands Israel's security needs".

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Congresswoman Betty McCollum said Monday the embassy move was fueled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's agenda of occupation and oppression and criticized Donald Trump for "fueling the conflict".

The embassy inauguration - which took place on the 70th anniversary of Israel's founding - followed Trump's 6 December recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Trump has stood firm in his position and called Monday a "big day for Israel" on Twitter.

Theresa May has called for an inquiry into the "tragic" deaths in Gaza as Israel faced growing condemnation over its killing of dozens of Palestinians. "We understand those who are in power in Nelson Mandela Bay metro won't form part of us exclusively because they are beneficiaries of the Israel-Palestinian war".

The UN is expected to hold an emergency meeting on the escalating violence Tuesday.

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