Kyrie Irving underwent nasal surgery prior to Game 7

Posted May 30, 2018

I would much rather have the great Kyrie Irving in the building.

When you take into account what Brad Stevens is able to do with big rotations, and integrating many different players, the Celtics could be a different kind of monster that we have not seen from teams who rely entirely on top end talent.

If Boston opts to, it can run back its Eastern Conference Finals team, while adding All-Stars Hayward and Irving to the mix.

"At this time past year", he said, "I couldn't have said that we were going to have 11 new players off the team that just won 52 games and won a playoff round (actually two), but you just don't know what opportunities present themselves".

Celtics' GM Danny Ainge revealed where his point guard was earlier this afternoon.

Add on Daniel Theis, who would easily be the best third player off the bench in the entire National Basketball Association, and the Celtics have an eight man rotation that might give them the best top to bottom talent in the entire National Basketball Association. That never really happened to me as a player so I'm not sure I understand, but you could see it in their eyes all year when Gordon was out.

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There's been this weird, completely wrong sentiment around NBA Twitter (mostly from trolls) that the Celtics don't need Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.

"The farther you go in the playoffs, the more hard it is to lose", Ainge said.

Irving averaged 24.4 points, 5.1 assists and 3.8 rebounds in 60 games in his first season in Boston.

We now know why Irving wasn't at the game. "We're not looking to make changes, other than a handful of tweaks". "There's going to be some factors and I need to talk to her, my family, and things like that".

"I got a lot to think about".

"Hopefully, we'll have an expensive roster", Ainge said on Monday, speaking to reporters after the team's exit interviews. "I know his parents".

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But LeBron James' experience and expertise in clutch situations proved too much for the likes of Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown.

"Those guys got an opportunity", Ainge said.

Hayward would be eligible to play in the Las Vegas summer league from July 6-17 if he so desired, but it sounds like he won't be ready by that time.

"Marcus had a terrific year", he said. "We really needed some more bodies".

Aron Baynes, Shane Larkin and Greg Monroe are unrestricted free agents. "At this time a year ago, I didn't think we would have 11 new players".

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