Tesla sedan in autopilot crashes into parked police auto

Posted May 30, 2018

A Tesla driver in California was driving in Autopilot mode when the auto slammed into a parked police vehicle, adding to a fast-growing list of recent autopilot-involved accidents.

The crash comes just weeks after another Tesla, also in Autopilot mode, crashed into a stationary fire truck in Utah. There were two injuries. The drivers escaped with minor injuries, but the Tesla was barely recognizable.

Police Sgt. Jim Cota says the officer was not in the cruiser during the crash in Laguna Beach. Since March, a driver died when his Model X SUV crossed the centre divider in Mountain View, Calif., while in Autopilot mode.

On Friday, Tesla agreed to settlement of a class-action lawsuit that calls for payments to customers around the world.

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In England, a driver was banned from driving after putting his Tesla in Autopilot on the M1 and sitting in the passenger seat.

Tesla issued an upgrade in 2016, which cost customers $5,000. Tesla updated Autopilot following that accident.

Tesla's owners manuals state that the Enhanced Autopilot mode, which partially automates steering and braking, isn't meant to completely take over the role of a human driver, and warns that drivers must still keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention.

Elon Musk's tetchy mood of late is unlikely to be lightened by the latest report of a Tesla crash.

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A Tesla vehicle with its Autopilot system activated crashed into an unoccupied, parked police SUV in California, according to reports.

Though engineers say that self-driving cars are likely going to be safer than human-piloted ones - humans are in the aggregate very unsafe drivers - there's something about either the concept or the companies developing them that seems to send up red flags in the minds of the public.

A Greek police official said on Tuesday that no other vehicle was involved in the Friday-night accident in northern Greece and no one was injured.

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