Police bodycam shows U.S. woman's dramatic beach arrest

Posted June 02, 2018

Police say Weinman forcibly struck the officer in the torso where the body camera was mounted and caused the camera to turn off. Weinman screams in the video, as she walks away from the officer. She told officers the bottles belonged to her aunt.

At the end of the video released by Wildwood police, the officer tells a supervisor the woman had Twisted Teas and had refused to give her name.

Onlookers' videos of the dispute circulated on social media - and sparked outrage - before police officials released the officer's body camera footage on Wednesday. She tried kicking at us, so I slammed her on the ground. She said the officer then informed her he was arresting her.

In a Facebook post written over the weekend, and since taken down, Weinman said she had unopened alcohol with her when she was stopped by police while visiting the beach with her daughter, her daughter's father, and a friend. The two wrestle on the ground, as she repeatedly shouts "get the fuck off me" and "I didn't do anything".

As the second officer holds her legs steady, a third approaches to control the gathering crowd.

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"Yes, I know I should've gave him my name", she continued.

The next day, however, he told the newspaper the incident was unfortunate.

She says she failed a breathalyser test, but denied she had been drinking the contents of the bottle she had on her.

"The number of people who think she got what she deserved is appalling", Dicht said. "Once the officer says "you're under arrest", he has to continue with that arrest".

The video went viral, prompting a police investigation and a response from New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), who said the incident was "pretty darn disturbing" before seeing the initial video. She chose to attack the officer, spit on the officer. Yet another interpretation could be her arms are coming up in a defensive posture and that he runs into her arms as he tries to take her down. Once she tried walking away from me, I tried grabbing her.

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Dicht said the body camera footage does not change what he believes was excessive force, poor judgment and a violent overreaction to a minor infraction.

"It's kind of ridiculous". They say that didn't matter. "Whatever she did or said - and I'm not admitting she did or said anything - the response is way out of proportion. You're about to get dropped".

"What he's trying to do is destroy her character, and it's unfair".

The attorney for the 20-year-old Philadelphia woman who was arrested on a Wildwood beach is speaking out. "I find it very offensive".

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