Syria's Assad threatens force against US-backed Kurds

Posted June 02, 2018

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned US -backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish group also viewed as terrorists by Turkey, saying he would not hesitate to use force to retake the third of the country they control.

He also claimed the government had "started now opening doors for negotiations" with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish dominated militia alliance that controls parts of northern and eastern Syria where United States forces are stationed.

President Assad wants to expel American forces and their Kurdish-led allies from Syria if they do not withdraw voluntarily after a period of negotiation.

Israeli officials view a U.S. withdrawal with trepidation, as they consider the American presence there to be a buffer, preventing Iranian forces in Iraq and Syria from joining hands.

Assad has said that direct conflict between his ally Russian Federation and the U.S. in Syria was narrowly avoided. Assad did not dwell on it during his RT interview, but Russia is making moves to muscle Iran out of Syria to preserve regional stability, avert a destabilizing conflict between Israel and Iran's terror proxies, and grab the lion's share of Syrian reconstruction business for Russian firms.

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'They came to Iraq with no legal basis, and look what happened to them.

"We'll cope with it by two choices", he mentioned.

Trump called Assad an "animal" after a suspected poison gas attack on a rebel-held town near Damascus in April. Trump has already said he hopes to pull United States troops out of Syria within a matter of months after the complete defeat of ISIS in Syria's eastern provinces. Israel has always been concerned about the Iranian buildup in Syria.

Expanding on Liberman's comments, security officials believe that Iran may try to retaliate to the alleged Israeli attack, either with Iranian weapons transported into Syria from Iran or by "borrowing" Syrian army systems.

Regarding the repetitive Israeli airstrikes on Syria and ways to stop them, Assad said that the foreign-backed "terrorists" have from the beginning aimed at destroying the Syrian air defenses.

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Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Damascus has almost won the seven-year war, stressing that every iota of the Syrian land will be liberated. "People will not accept foreigners in this region anymore", Assad said.

'Fortunately, it has been avoided, not by the wisdom of the American leadership, but by the wisdom of the Russian leadership'. He would either be killed by ISIS, forced to abdicate under pressure from foreign governments or his own people would hang him in the public square.

Iran is estimated to have thousands of advisers and fighters in Syria as well as a number of bases, which have become regular targets for Israeli attacks.

Also Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited Moscow for talks focusing on Syria.

A senior Jordanian official told Reuters on Monday the three countries that signed last year's deal to create the zone "saw eye to eye" on the need to preserve it as a key step to boosting efforts to reach a political solution in Syria.

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But concern in Washington grew on Thursday that Moscow's real aim, in calling for Iran to exit southern Syria, is really to pressure the Trump administration to leave the country as well - a move that would leave Russian Federation as the sole power player on the ground.