Tesla Autopilot update to include first 'full self-driving features'

Posted June 13, 2018

Monday's gain brings Tesla above Wall Street's average target price of $317 a share for the first time in months. In effect, it lulls the adaptive driver aids into an electronic stupor.

An add-on weight dubbed Autopilot Buddy can allow drivers to keep their hands off a Tesla Model S or Model X steering wheel for extended periods of time, and can help to disable warnings that prompt the driver to take back control of the auto. The paper reported the company chose not to use the additional sensors. Tesla's "misleading" marketing, he said, has had the risky effect of "providing overconfidence and building you up to thinking it's safer than it actually is".

Tesla is building a new software update that is set to release in August with full self-driving features for Autopilot 2.0 vehicles. Autopilot resources, he said, had so far "rightly focused entirely on safety".

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USA consumer watchdog group, "The Consumer Group" said Friday that Tesla should fix the flaws in its driver assist system. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines a fully autonomous vehicle as one "capable of performing all driving functions under all conditions" with driver control optional.

According to the NTSB report, the driver did not put his hands on the steering wheel of the vehicle for six seconds prior to the crash, despite having had his hand on the wheel for 34 seconds of the preceding minute.

The automaker's CEO tweeted over the weekend that the all-electric $200,000 Roadster will be offered with a SpaceX option package that includes approximately "10 small rocket thrusters" installed around the auto that will improve its performance and "maybe will even allow a Tesla to fly".

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But the company has also heavily promoted its cars' supercharged ability to fend for itself: The Tesla website promises "Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Cars", which it says offer "a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver".

The latest software update, which started to roll out last week, features a new feature that will increase the number of warnings it gives drivers to take control of the auto. "Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly ..."

The Tesla made no attempt at braking or steering away from the collision, the NTSB said.

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Musk confirmed plans to reduce charge times at Tesla Supercharger stations, promising three- or four-fold improvement for new vehicles, like the Roadster.