Teen's head stuck in truck's exhaust pipe

Posted June 15, 2018

One 19-year-old woman from Minnesota found that out the hard way, after having her head stuck in the exhaust pipe for 45 minutes before firefighters were able to free her.

The incident took place last Friday at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Winston, Minn., and was partly captured in a five-second Facebook video that had a combined 4 million views between different sources as of this writing.

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Although she was unharmed by her close encounter with the inside of a tailpipe, the McLeod County Sheriff's Office cited her for underage drinking, according to The Associated Press. Fire crews were called to the Winstock Music Festival on June 9 after Kaitlyn Storm, 19, got her head stuck in a truck's exhaust pipe. So, I guess that's how she found herself in the exhaust pipe. She posted a picture of the experience on her own Facebook page, with a caption, "Yeah I'm the tailpipe girl, watch to know about it? It did fit, but it didnt want to come back out".

"A lot of people don't realize how serious it was", she told the Leader.

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She said she's focusing instead on the people who helped her. "But I trusted everyone who was around that I knew to get me out safely".

Strom said the owner of the auto, Tom Wold, was very cool about the incident. Don't worry about it.' He has already fixed his exhaust and is going to be working on that.

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Woman with head stuck in tailpipe.