Vladimir Putin invites Kim Jong Un to Russian Federation in September

Posted June 15, 2018

North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat, US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday as he returned to Washington following a summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore the previous day.

Trump's administration has also been criticized for saying North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat, and that the country agreed to an intensive inspections program for their nuclear weapons, even though North Korea still has nuclear weapons and has not given any indication that they agreed to inspections.

Trump has also been widely criticized for his friendliness toward North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during and after the summit.

Amid a landmark summit between President Donald Trump and the young North Korean strongman, Rodman appeared on CNN to voice hope, and vindication.

Trump also said that the DPRK was no longer Washington's "biggest and most risky problem", envisioning "great potential" for Pyongyang's future.

"The summit created this enormous historic opportunity for us to move forward and will fundamentally really shape the relationship between the United States and North Korea", Pompeo said.

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Vladimir Putin was delivered a handwritten note by Kim Jong-un by a North Korean official during a meeting earlier today.

Pompeo said the US would work with its allies, namely South Korea and Japan, to implement the process as "quick and as complete" as possible.

Trump said not only was a pullout not discussed, the United States "is not drawing down at all".

"We envision strong, secure and prosperous North Korea that is fully integrated into the community of nations".

The North Koreans seem to be in closer lockstep with President Trump than the president's own Secretary of State.

"Major disarmament... We're hopeful that we can achieve that in the two and half years", he stated, adding that there is "a lot of work left to do". Pompeo visited Seoul to provide briefings about the U.S.

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"Above all, I have the honor to convey to you, with special respect, honest regards from Chairman of the State Council of the DPRK Comrade Kim Jong-un", he said.

The move - long demanded by Pyongyang - has been seen as a major concession to North Korea and appeared to take U.S. allies in the region by surprise.

"We are going to get complete denuclearization; only then will there be relief from the sanctions", he said.

Following media reports of his comments, Trump said American media is the "country's biggest enemy".

On South Korea-US joint military drills, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said that it is a matter for the South Korea-US alliance and it should be coordinated between the allies' military authorities.

North Korea fired at least two missiles over Japan past year as it sought to develop a weapon capable of reaching the USA mainland with a nuclear warhead.

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