5 people die in South Texas pursuit crash involving undocumented immigrants

Posted June 18, 2018

It's not an uncommon sight for Boyd, who said Sunday it's very rare that a day goes by that his deputies do not get involved in a chase due to some form of smuggling from the border.

Most of the occupants were believed to be living in the country without legal permission according to Fox.

5 immigrants killed in rollover crash in Dimmit, Texas.

According to Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boy, the vehicle was traveling around 100 miles per hour when the crash happened off Highway 85, WOAI reported.

"I think we need more boots on the ground, we need more patrol", Boyd said.

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Four people believed to be undocumented immigrants were pronounced dead on the scene with a fifth pronounced dead after being transported to a San Antonio hospital.

It appears the SUV was being pursued by both Border Patrol agents and sheriff's deputies.

Five people were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center, including the driver who is believed to be a USA citizen.

Boyd said the driver was known to police, and had been seen in the area 'last week, ' either scouting the area or looking for immigrants to smuggle.

Border Patrol officials have repeatedly warned of the dangers of smuggling large numbers of people in vehicles.

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Some injured were taken by helicopter to San Antonio, about 90 miles (144.83 kilometers) northeast.

He added: 'This is a flawless example of why our borders need to be secure'.

The crash was reported when Border Patrol agents attempted to stop an SUV in Dimmit County, reports said.

Boyd said the victims were taken to hospitals.

The sheriff said he hadn't spoken to Border Patrol on the exact cause of the pursuit and nature of the crash.

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