Google Podcasts: Everything you need to know!

Posted June 19, 2018

All you would need to do is access the Android Messages web app, and sync your smartphone to any laptop with a browser.

Google has confirmed that it will be rolling out Messages for web, allowing users to send and receive text as well as RCS (Rich Communication Services) messages from their computers. Then, open the Android Messages app on your phone, select the More options menu and then "Messages for web". You can also send and receive messages as long as both devices are connected to an internet connection. At launch, it will support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. But it does sync your progress across devices, so you can do things like listen to an episode in the auto and then finish it using a Google Home smart speaker at home.

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A "For you" section comprised of New episodes, In progress, and Downloads lists is directly below, while the rest of the app features carousels and shelves of top and trending shows in various categories. Google boasts of integration with Google Assistant and Google Home, the main benefit of which is being able to start a podcast on one device and continue on another.

It's an app that's very similar to the functionality you'll find when searching for podcasts on the mobile web right now.

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Google's official podcast app rolls out today - with typical Google SEO genius or irony, depending upon your outlook, it's simply called Google Podcasts. Text, images, and stickers will be supported in the web version of the service. It also makes Android Messages compete with apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, both of which are chat apps with desktop versions.

The app is - for now at least - exclusive to Android, so iPhone users will have to get their podcast fixes catered for elsewhere. The Smart Reply feature suggests quick text, emoji responses to a user's messages when they're texting, to save time.

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