After North Korea talks disappoint, Trump points finger at Beijing

Posted July 11, 2018

"We agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea", Trump wrote on Twitter.

The denuclearization of Korea covers not just nuclear bombs but also missiles, he said, adding North Korean officials also understand that.

In a lengthy statement issued on July 7, shortly after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's two-day, the communist regime accused the United States of making unilateral "gangster-like demands" and called Washington's stance "regrettable".

It's been almost one month since President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Sinagpore.

But a series of recent reports based on USA intelligence officials and satellite images have shown that the North Koreans are continuing their nuclear activities and expanding infrastructure, raising skepticism over their intentions.

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Pompeo said there was progress made in his talks in Pyongyang, calling them "productive", but admitted that there's work to be done on a much-awaited timeline for denuclearization. Trump has used "Rocket Man" as a nickname for Kim beginning previous year, in a mocking reference to North Korea's frequent missile tests.

Pompeo insisted the talks were making progress, but as soon as he left, the North's foreign ministry berated him over his "unilateral and gangster-like" demands and for offering no constructive steps on the US side.

KCNA did not say when the trip was made, but Kim Yong Chol, Kim's powerful right-hand man, told a visiting Seoul official last week that the leader was away for a trip to a "local region".

It was followed by North Korea's Foreign Ministry issuing a statement criticizing Pompeo for "gangster-like" demands.

Another smart play would be to use the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit as an opportunity for a full-throated joint message to Kim that if he wants to continue to travel and meet world leaders, then he needs to commit to abandoning all nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles or face further sanctions.

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"Particularly, they have suggested that they are disappointed by the United States insistence on focusing on the denuclearisation plans over what they described as big-picture issues", she said.

"If those requests are gangster-like, the world is a gangster because there was a unanimous decision at the U.N. Security Council about what needs to be achieved", he said.

South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-wha said that the North had balked at a written pledge for "complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization" for historical reasons, but stressed that the goal remained the same whether or not that exact phrase was used. "We had detailed, substantive conversations about the next steps toward a fully verified and complete denuclearization".

China is North Korea's biggest trading partner.

That said, Trump still intends for the CD "to be given at a different period". "The issues the USA side insisted on during the talks were the same cancerous ones that the past US administrations had insisted on", the North Korea's foreign ministry said.

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