Anti-Trump FBI lawyer snubs congressional subpoena

Posted July 14, 2018

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok made national headlines earlier this year after multiple text exchanges were publicly released; showing widespread anti-Trump bias throughout the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice ahead of the 2016 race for the White House.

An attorney for former Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page says she will not appear for a private interview Wednesday with two House committees, despite a subpoena. President Trump has seized on the Strzok and Page's texts to denounce the Mueller probe as nothing more than a "witch hunt".

Though Strzok and Page's texts are now the stuff of legend, Page's lawyer said that she is defying the subpoena because she didn't have the chance to review the documents presented to Congress, including those texts, CNN reports.

Former top-level Federal Bureau of Investigation lawyer Lisa Page was a no-show for her July 11 closed-door testimony to Congress overseers.

"Public opinion has turned strongly against the Rigged Witch Hunt and the "Special" Counsel because the public understands that there was no Collusion with Russian Federation (so ridiculous), that the two Federal Bureau of Investigation lovers were a fraud against our Nation & that the only Collusion was with the Dems!"

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Meanwhile, other GOP lawmakers slammed Page's over her refusal to appear for the interview on Wednesday, with Ron DeSantis of Florida calling it "pathetic" and Jim Jordan of OH said she was "once again showing the double standard".

"She could go to jail if they really want to press it for blowing off", Napolitano said.

"All she is asking is to be treated as other witnesses have under the Committees' own rules", said her attorney, Amy Jeffress, in a statement to CNN.

Ex-FBI LAYER Lisa Page today defied a House of Representatives issued Subpoena to testify before Congress!

Jeffress said the two panels' "bullying tactics here are unnecessary". One of the messages included a reference of stopping Trump for winning the election, but the Justice Department Inspector General's report released last month found no bias existed.

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House Judiciary Chairman Robert Goodlatte said Page has known for months that the panel has sought her testimony, and the committee will use "all tools at our disposal" to obtain it. Democrats have strongly objected to the GOP-led investigation, saying it is an attempt to undermine Mueller's probe and sway public opinion against investigators.

"Americans across the country are alarmed at the bias exhibited by top officials at the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation, and it is imperative Congress conduct vigorous oversight to ensure that never happens again". The texts disparaged President Trump, calling him an "idiot" and "loathsome".

The Judiciary committee issued a subpoena Saturday for Page to appear Wednesday, according to Jeffress. "Right?!" Page wrote to Strzok.

As the committees have investigated bias at the Justice Department, they have focused much of their ire on Strzok.

Strzok was questioned for 11 hours over his role and alleged bias in a closed hearing of the two committees two weeks ago.

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The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.), suggested Wednesday that "the real reason" Republicans were weighing contempt measures against Page was to "set up a dramatic thing" before Strzok's public interview Thursday.