Meghan Markle fears her father will 'leak' conversations if they speak

Posted July 24, 2018

I think we should reunite them. Not only do they get to travel the globe and have the fanciest of fancy weddings, but they also apparently receive entire mansions as gifts.

We all know that Meghan Markle is putting her heart and soul in becoming a true royal.

Police were called out to the 37-year-old's home - which she shares with Meghan's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jnr (51) - on Friday, 20 July in Oregon, USA.

"Oh Jesus. Sam Markle didn't do anything on GMB this morning to deny CBB rumours and in fact said 'why wouldn't she consider it!?' Then when pressed further about if she was going to appear she said 'if I told you I'd have to kill you, '" wrote another. However, despite the visible efforts by the former actress, criticisms have been pouring in for her fashion styles and snubbing few royal protocols.

Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle also had some scathing words for the new duchess.

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Suggesting the Duchess would be at fault for their 74-year-old father's death, Markle took to Twitter to launch her accusation on her private account last week.

But this isn't the first time she's broken the law.

As for Samantha's recent tweets that she would hold Meghan responsible if Thomas dies, she said she regrets the statement "to a degree".

Though Meghan Markle gets a lot of flak for breaking royal traditions (from her cross-body bag to her messy bun to her pantyhose-less legs), for the most part, she gets away with it.

Mr Markle claims to be "devastated" after being "frozen out" by the royal family.

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"I don't think she's intelligent enough to be able to separate the two, whether you're a celebrity or a Royal, you have a high public profile and that's subject to discussion within the media".

It is the latest sign that Meghan, for all the duties and conventions of her new life as a Royal, is determined to remain her own woman.

Munn recently acted in the new Predator movie whose director, Shane Black, once dated Meghan's sister. "I'm happy for her".

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are yet to confirm any baby news, a royal cameraman tells New Idea exclusively that a royal baby is well on its way, with Meghan and Harry soon welcoming the pitter-patter of tiny feet. And maybe Samantha would calm down.

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