Durant Laughed At CJ McCollum & The Blazers Chances of Winning A Championship

Posted July 30, 2018

Durant's response drew the attention of New York Knicks center Enes Kanter, who broke out the popcorn in anticipation of a social media fight. I know that Rich Kleiman, Durant's business manager, is from NY. "You don't have to do that".

Durant was the subject of intense scrutiny when it was revealed last summer he had set up burner accounts of his own. The latest incident comes from a podcast he did with Trail Blazers G CJ McCollum.

Golden State have gone to seven games in a playoff series just once in Durant's two-year tenure with the Warriors, and with the addition of Cousins, many critics complained about the lack of parity in the National Basketball Association.

McCollum: "Bro, I'm in the league". Mostly stay off social media. McCollum replied that Durant's move to the Warriors was "soft" and Durant got into his feelings.

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"This is not East Coast-West Coast beef", Durant said. "CJ, I am going to have some wine with him in NY when he gets back from China and take a picture if you all really don't believe me".

Durant promised he was done with the subject when somebody criticized him for being sensitive. "Really, how are the words of those people more valid than mine?" I know y'all don't like me, but get out the way and let this [expletive] roll. I done did the work, I done showed you what I do. Maybe McCollum was mad about something Durant did. Things escalated between the two players when CJ McCollum responded to a tweet with this. "Snakes in the grass boy I tell ya", Durant wrote on Twitter. Me and CJ (are) tight. So it was a friendly jab. I've got to play you M.F. -ers all the time anyway as it is, over and over again. So it's going to be an adjustment, but I'm looking forward to it.

They were just on a podcast together and then this happened.

It might be that there's no one with a wider perceived gap of talent on the floor and insecurity off of it.

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The Warriors star unleashed his frustrations with the media and "everybody running with" the things he chooses to say on social media after Team USA Basketball practice in Las Vegas on Thursday. And I text him.

I asked him, but Durant refused to dive into it.

Does he care about outsiders' opinions? "But when I speak there's a bunch of people who just jumping in the conversation - and nobody was talking to you".

"I still think the b word is harsh and shouldn't be used. It's just because I do it". I'm sorry. Well, I'm not sorry. But I mean, come on. "You know I'm only saying this because you be shooting little shots at the Warriors and at me all the time", he says.

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"I should shut the [expletive] up, right?"