Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Survives Apparent Assassination Attempt | Trending

Posted August 05, 2018

Seven people have been injured in Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's murder attempt; the president himself was not injured, Venezuela's Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said, according to the Venezuelan radio station Union Radio.

The footage then cuts the the crowd, where confusion sets in and the assembled soldiers can be seen breaking ranks and scattering.

The parade Maduro attended marked the one-year anniversary of the Constitutional Assembly, a legislative body packed with loyalists that arrogated powers from the opposition-ruled National Assembly.

Seconds later Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores, looked up to the sky and winced after apparently hearing an unidentified sound.

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Earlier, various reports by global media outlets had indicated that this was an assassination attempt on Maduro.

The attack comes as the nation struggles with an economic crisis.

But, the wire service adds, firefighters at the site of the explosion are disputing the government's account of what it called an "attack".

Mr Maduro, a 55-year-old Socialist leader who took over from his late mentor Hugo Chavez in 2013, has effectively sidelined the fractured opposition through control of the courts and the electoral body - and support from the military, which holds key posts in his government. Three local authorities said there had been a gas tank explosion inside an apartment near Maduro's speech where smoke could be seen streaming out of a window. "The hour of the economy recovery has come".

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Venezuela's global government broadcaster, TeleSUR, said on Twitter that the Venezuelan government confirmed an attempted attack on Maduro. The officer was hunted down and killed by Venezuelan forces.

The organization did not respond to a message from The Associated Press seeking more information.

Photographs on social media appeared to show bodyguards shielding Maduro with black bulletproof panels.

The group says that while it was not successful at first, it's just a matter of time before it is. "After losing the vote, they failed again", BBC quoted him as saying.

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