Donald Trump blasts Google accusing it of bias against him

Posted August 29, 2018

President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Google and other US tech companies of rigging search results about him "so that nearly all stories & news is BAD".

"Google search results for "Trump News" shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake News Media", he wrote after deleting his original tweet on the matter. Additionally, while Google uses manual quality raters to test new algorithm changes, they do not use them on live search results. When you consider that Trump's deemed every non-Fox News outlet to be "Fake News" - including the sites for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post - then, sure, this would fit his narrative.

PJ Media's conspiracy-mongering is based on an avoidable misunderstanding that could throw gasoline on the techlash and lead to policies that chill American innovation (although at least for now, conservatives still think a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet is a dumb idea). The agency claims that 96% of all Google search results lead to a liberal media outlet.

Trump's attack against the Alphabet Inc unit follows a string of grievances against technology companies, including social media Twitter Inc and Facebook Inc, which he has accused of silencing conservative voices, and Inc, which he has said is hurting small businesses and benefiting from a favorable deal with the U.S. Postal Services.

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President Trump's top economic adviser said on Tuesday the White House is looking into whether it should regulate Google.

Earlier this morning, the US President - Donald Trump - unleashed yet another incoherent screed on Twitter. In response, the search engine said its searches aren't politically biased. He has made social media, particularly Twitter, an integral part of his presidency.

The statistic appears to come from just one source, a conservative site called PJ Media, which was originally set up to use stories from "citizen journalists", rather than relying on "mainstream media" professionals.

The president added that the amount of "bad" news about him showing up in Google news results would need to be "addressed".

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Google strongly denied Trump's claims.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Finally, we used CanIRank's SEO software to analyze how each URL compared in dozens of different ranking factors to determine whether Google's algorithm treated websites similarly regardless of their political slant.

Google and Twitter shares closed down about 1 percent, while Facebook shares ticked down 0.68 percent.

This comes after Google announced a year ago they would alter their search engine to combat fake news.

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As tech companies continue to purge their feeds of trolls, bots, fake news, and hateful content, expect more of these claims from the President and conservatives.