Rain, landslides, flooding: Hurricane Lane's impact on Hawaii, in photos

Posted September 01, 2018

Officials are reporting the first death associated with a powerful storm that initially threatened Hawaii as a hurricane and later weakened to a tropical depression. We have Tropical Storm Miriam located 1,105 miles east of Hilo, Hawaii with sustained wind speeds of 70 mph and a minimum pressure of 996 millibars.

The storm has gained a little more strength and is expected to move into the Central Pacific Basin (crossing 140 W) later today.

To recap, Hurricane Lane was approaching Hawaii last week until strong wind shear and trade winds steadily weakened it from a category 5 hurricane to a tropical storm over a three-day period before finally pushing it away from the islands last Friday.

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Forecasters are keeping tabs on a pair of hurricanes spinning in the Eastern Pacific far east-southeast of the Hawaiian Islands. The storm also caused flooding and landslides, receding to the West over the Pacific ocean. The environment out in the eastern part of the Basin appears favorable for development and a depression could form over the Labor Day Weekend.

Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 45 miles from Norman's center. Ingrid makes landfall near La Pesca, Mexico, then weakens into a tropical depression.

Tropical Storm IanSeptember 12, 2016 - Tropical Storm Ian forms over the central Atlantic Ocean.September 16, 2016 - Weakens to a post-tropical cyclone.

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Tropical Storm ChantalJuly 7 - Tropical Storm Chantal develops 865 miles east of Barbados.July 10 - Dissipates into a tropical wave about 230 miles east-southeast of Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Miriam churned over the eastern Pacific with maximum winds of 60 miles per hour. The tropical wave, basically an area of low-pressure is being watched closely right now as it moves west-northwest through the Lesser Antilles.

Tropical Storm KarenOctober 3 - Tropical Storm Karen forms in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.October 5 - Downgraded to a depression off the coast of Louisiana.

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