Apple recalls iPhone 8 due to manufacturing defect

Posted September 06, 2018

We've heard plenty of times that both phones will be outfitted with edge-to-edge OLED displays, which was one of the major design features of the original iPhone X. Like numerous iPhone duos Apple has released since the iPhone 6, one will be a little bit larger than the other as well, presumably leading to a "Plus" label for the larger phone. And the $799 price for the iPhone X replacement is actually on the low end of previous rumors.

It seems a little odd to us that Apple would price the massive iPhone Xs Max at the same level as last year's flagship - especially given that Apple isn't known as a company with a tendency to slash prices so quickly.

And that's not all that could be new on this giant phone.

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After announcing the phones on September 12, there's a strong chance Apple will open the pre-orders on September 14 and have them on sale by September 21.

The iPhone 9, with its 6.1-inch LCD screen, will likely be the cheapest of the three, though the price could be higher than the iPhone 8.

If a Max is revealed next week it will be one of the most major changes to the naming convention in years.

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That name is quite the mouthful, and we're not quite sure what would lead Apple to call its larger phone "Max" instead of "Plus".

There's also the chance of some extra colour schemes with one leak suggesting a shiny gold design could be available at launch.

The US technology firm is expected to show off an updated Apple Watch next week which could feature a bigger display, more power and extended battery life. Apple is also rumoured to finally increase the RAM on the devices with the new processor. This time around, if you look closely, you'll notice that the metal frame also carries the same color as the glass back.

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