Australian Newspaper Attempts To Defend Racist Serena Williams Cartoon

Posted September 15, 2018

Tennis umpires are reportedly threatening to boycott Serena Williams' matches over the fallout from her US Open finals altercation with Carlos Ramos.

Williams called chair umpire Carlos Ramos a "thief' and a "liar" for charging her with a point penalty, before ultimately enforcing a game penalty against the American".

According to Australian newspaper The Herald Sun and its cartoonist, Mark Knight, a cartoon of Serena Williams that echoes the harmful caricatures of black men and women once drawn in a shameful part of U.S. history isn't racist.

Despite the myriad of controversies surrounding last weekend's event, US Open champ Naomi Osaka said she is not sad that the behavior of Serena Williams has, for now, overshadowed her win.

Much of the criticism of Williams has centred on how her actions had spoiled a precious moment for Osaka, who was even moved to apologise for beating the home favourite to a NY crowd angrily booing Ramos.

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Williams, who was fined $17,000 for the three code violations, said after the match male players were held to a lower standard for court conduct.

Knight's twitter account has subsequently been deleted or at the very least deactivated.

Naomi Osaka's trophy presentation at the 2018 U.S. Open was odd, to say the least. "And with Serena, I started thinking about those things again".

"In my head, sometimes I could become insane and the team couldn't be confident to call me into the team", Paire had said before his match.

Knight drew a caricature of Williams throwing a temper tantrum, which was printed in the Herald Sun, following her loss to Japan's Naomi Osaka in the US Open women's singles final in NY last weekend.

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On the other side of the net, though, the 20-year-old Osaka kept her cool in her first Grand Slam final to win 6-2 6-4. She later said Ramos' treatment of her was sexist because male players have said worse things and not been punished the way she was. "So, I was really happy that she said that".

The shy Osaka tweeted about the video on Thursday: "I always knew this would come back to haunt me".

"It's not something that I have to think about".

"I've always thought that Kei (Nishikori) is a super good role model on the men's side and I wish that there was one on the women's side".

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