Smartphone maker OnePlus pulls a Xiaomi, to release smart TV in 2019

Posted September 19, 2018

Just like the OnePlus smartphones, the OnePlus TV is expected to feature an OLED display panel with Ulta HD support. The smart television could be the first of many steps towards building an ecosystem to take on companies like Xiaomi. We call it: OnePlus TV, " writes CEO Pete Lau on the OnePlus forum. The company claims that it is developing its new TV product with premium flagship design, solid build quality, image quality, and the best audio experience. Lau added that decision of working on a TV stemmed from the fact that there are a total of four major environments that users spend their time in these days including the home, workplace, commute and the last "being on-the-move". "With the development of AI technology, our imagination is endless - and we are looking forward to the future", said Lau. Currently, the company is taking feedback from its users on what to include in its new portfolio. It should also mean that you get some smart notifications on your TV, things like upcoming calendar events, reminders that you should depart for your appointment in view of current traffic, possibly the option to set up rides with Uber and the like.

India's smart TV is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 30.2 percent during 2018-24. "He envisions the TV as having seamless connectivity between your smartphone and TV, as well as the type of AI smarts and assistive functionality offered by devices like Amazon's Echo and Google's Home", says the report. Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, now confirmed the company plans to enter a completely new segment with the OnePlus TV. Today, it has announced that it will be making smart TVs.

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A built-in camera will also be also play a big part in the OnePlus TV experience, and Lau quells fears of an invasion of home privacy: "we have this in mind, and we will have a solution".

In a typical for OnePlus fashion, it will also ask its faithful community for ideas and is likely to implement the best ones.

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OnePlus says it will apply the "user-centric values and design philosophy" from its smartphones to its nascent TV division. "The OnePlus TV is in the early stages of development, and could be launched next year".

This is a huge step in the OnePlus journey, but like each step along the way, one that we have taken with intense consideration and deliberation.

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