Hulu Is Coming To The Amazon Echo Show

Posted September 23, 2018

Your living room was only the beginning for Alexa.

You expect to hear about new smart speakers, displays and software at an Amazon media event. Some two-thirds of US smart speaker users will have an Echo this year, versus 30 percent having the rival Google Home, including some overlap. Apple and Microsoft have also tried to get into the smart speaker game.

Amazon, at an event in Seattle, announced updated versions of its Echo Show, Echo Dot and Echo Plus, as well as new devices such as a voice-controlled microwave and wall clock.

The Echo Sub is a new addition to the Echo family that's aimed at delivering room-filling sound.

According to the Wall Street Journal (try Google referral link if you hit the pay wall), several companies are already working on integrating the Alexa Connect Kit into their existing product lines. It will launch later this year. The sub pairs with a single Echo or Echo Plus in a 1.1 setup, or you can set up two Echos for a 2.1 stereo configuration. You can now take two regular Echos and turn them into left and right speakers, with the Echo Sub or on their own.

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When you want to combine Alexa's intelligence with serious sound equipment, now you can with Echo Link ($200). A small black rectangular device with microphones, it mounts on top of the dashboard. The little device connects to your vehicle through an aux jack or Bluetooth.

For example, it's made Alexa location aware. The device will cost $50 eventually, but for now it is invite-only and will cost $25. Amazon has also added new features that make more sense with Alexa on the go.

Numerous devices are now available for pre-order and will begin shipping in October.

Tidal leverages the new Music Skill API also announced today. The Show is integrated with Hulu and NBC for live and on demand watching, and music video platform Vevo for music videos. Amazon also announced it will bring email integration for Alexa, so you'll be able to manage your inbox by asking Alexa to check and reply to email through Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail. If you know much about Wi-Fi you'll know that Microwave ovens can really disrupt wireless signals, but this is a problem that Amazon has reportedly solved. The appliance will sell for $59.99 and will ship starting November 14, per The Verge, which calls it "a pretty dead-ahead 700W microwave". You can even sign up to reorder popcorn when your supply is running low.

Since you have Alexa all throughout your house, why not add the digital assistant in your vehicle?

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It will ship later this year.

As expected, the company focused a lot on a new range of its Echo-branded speakers.

He said momentum around the gadgets was "incredible", adding that the number of smart home products available was now more than 20,000. It will contain four far-field microphones and a more attractive fabric cover. Google was first with its Home speaker powered by the Google Assistant. The new model features a new speaker which claims to be sound louder and richer.

The Echo Show will cost £219.99.

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