Amazon raises pay for hundreds of workers in Peterborough

Posted October 03, 2018

Amazon announced that all its U.S. workers will get a raise to $15 from as low as $10 per hour.

The company said it would increase its minimum wage for all full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees.

Amazon employs more than 1,000 people at its fulfilment centre in Kingston Park, in Fletton.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has previously criticized Amazon's treatment of its workers, praised CEO Jeff Bezos Tuesday for his company's new $15 an hour minimum wage for U.S. employees.

Amazon also is encouraging other large USA employers to follow its lead and said it would lobby U.S. legislators for an increase in the federal minimum wage, now at only $7.25.

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Critics of minimum wage increases often argue that boosting worker pay can backfire, causing employers to hire fewer workers or cut employee hours.

Among the critics Amazon has faced over its pay and work conditions, Sen. "By joining together, speaking out and going on strike, we've convinced companies, politicians and the public that $15 an hour is the bare minimum anyone needs to survive", added Slaughter, among the workers participating in protests Tuesday afternoon in cities including Detroit and Flint, Michigan. But it's more than twice the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The mean hourly wage for non-management workers in transportation and warehousing is $21.94.

That has included several fatalities, including one in 2013 when a conveyer system crushed a temporary worker in a New Jersey warehouse, according to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Amazon has recently been targeted over its pay by Senator Bernie Sanders, who last month introduced a less-than-subtly-named piece of legislation called the Stop Bad Employers by Zering Out Subsidies-"Stop BEZOS"-Act".

The move by Amazon follows recent pressure from campaigners over Amazon's pay policies. The Seattle e-commerce company also vowed to lobby Congress to increase the federal minimum wage from its current rate of $7.25.

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The impact of a higher federal wage, though, would likely be modest, because more than 20 states have minimum wages above the federal level.

Amazon workers in Doncaster are set to receive pay rises after the firm announce wage increases for lower paid workers. Coupled with the nationwide push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, Amazon may have felt that sooner or later, it would have to increase wages anyway.

Inc. raised its minimum wage for all employees in the USA and United Kingdom amid increasing scrutiny of working conditions and compensation at the Internet retail giant. The wage increase will take effect on November 1 and will apply to both regular full-time employees as well as temps and seasonal workers - a plus for the thousands of people the online retail giant usually brings on to staff its warehouses around the holidays.

Valued at almost one trillion dollars, Amazon is the world's second most valuable company after Apple. At the time, Bezos said the story "doesn't describe the Amazon I know".

Amazon said it was "simply not correct to suggest that we have unsafe working conditions based on this data or on unsubstantiated anecdotes". The critiques of Amazon as a Dickensian sweatshop for warehouse workers aren't new, but Amazon's growing size and power do make it more exposed to the impression that it's a corporate villain perched atop an army of low-wage workers.

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