Dairy farmer in Kingston region upset with new USMCA deal

Posted October 05, 2018

One, it preserves and enhances the Mexico trade relationship.

KIRWAN: But David Wiens with the group Dairy Farmers of Canada argues that overproduction by USA dairies is a bigger issue. With the Trump administration calling the new trade agreement a big win for farmers, he worries that these systemic issues will be overlooked again once the trade deal is signed.

"The threat of capricious auto tariffs has been lifted, stabilizing future investment" said Dias in a statement.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (centre) meets with steel workers from Stelco Hamilton Works, in Hamilton, Ontario, March 13, 2018. "And that gives us an opportunity to continue to do business with the companies that are looking for USA dairy products".

Higgins says Ohio's dairy industry is considered the 11th largest in the United States, and first in the nation when it comes to the production of Swiss cheese.

"Canadians expected that an agreement on NAFTA would result in the US lifting the bogus national-security tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum", wrote USW director Ken Neumann in a statement.

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A dairy farmer working in South Frontenac County says the concessions made with the recent USMCA deal will hurt the industry.

"Continuing to give private corporations the ability to bring a dispute actually puts the farmer in harm's way", he said, adding that he believes agribusinesses will act in their own interests and there isn't a mechanism for independent farmers to advocate for themselves.

"We've been sacrificed", he said in an interview. "There's no doubt about that". Supply management works in two ways. "They tariff dairy very heavily going into their country to where it's virtually impossible to export any dairy into Canada".

Groleau, who was among the group that met with Trudeau, said they stressed the need for a true compensation program that covers farmers' losses. A new negotiated preliminary agreement between the three countries, renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, was recently announced.

"Right now the prices that farmers are being paid have hit some historic lows, and our farms are truly struggling", Bickford said.

The dairy industry was also heavily critical of the deal, which will grant expanded market access to the domestic dairy market and eliminate competitive dairy classes.

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"Just 'cuz they seem to got (sic) some sort of NAFTA deal done, I'd hope we're not left by the side here on this".

"At a minimum we haven't lost any ground".

"We are pleased to see the renegotiated NAFTA deal includes, as it should, one of our greatest allies and trading partners, Canada".

"The markets are reacting positively and with relief but they're certainly not euphoric by any means".

"This is tremendous news for our north country economy, and I applaud USA and Canadian negotiators for their tireless work on this important agreement", Ms. Stefanik wrote in a statement. However, while the USA and Mexico had reached an agreement on replacing NAFTA last month, Canada was left out.

The lifted uncertainty could be enough to prompt more business investment, said RBC senior economist Nathan Janzen in a note.

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It's essentially status quo for Saskatchewan's major exports into the USA, including oil, potash, uranium, canola and wheat.