Trump has sharp words for ABC’s Vega, CNN’s Collins

Posted October 05, 2018

President Trump is under fire for belittling women reporters at Monday's press conference in the Rose Garden.

Trump, who held a press conference to discuss a new North Atlantic free trade agreement, agreed to have Vega ask him a question.

While the microphone was being passed to Vega, Trump mockingly said Vega was "shocked" that he had called on her. The president said that Vega wasn't thinking and that "you never do".

Trump appeared to misunderstand her.

I know you're not thanking. "She's, like, in a state of shock", he said, to laughs from the crowd.

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During the contentious presser in New York City on September 26, which came a day before the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings, Trump did not call on a single woman to ask him any question until CNN's Jim Acosta pointedly requested him to do so.

An interaction between Donald Trump and a senior female reporter is drawing criticism.

The comment came during a Monday morning press conference, where the president also ranted more generally generally about the media - a group of people he has consistently cast in an adversarial light.

Trump eventually weighed in on his Supreme Court pick's alleged drunkenness in college and high school, with the president exclaiming that he himself would have been a "mess" had he ever developed a drinking habit.

The reporter then says, "I'm sorry?" to which he answers, "No, go ahead. You never do", he said. "I think it's the - to me, it's the most exciting thing you can talk about". The original answer, according to the official White House transcript, was no.

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In response to a question from a male reporter about Kavanaugh, the President said: "I watched a man saying that he did have difficulty as a young man with drink".

He ignored her and moved on to another reporter's question.

"I'm not a drinker I never had beer in my life!" "It's unfair to him at this point".

Reports said that a White House transcript of the event had been edited later to amend the statement made by Trump. "I'd be a mess". "I'd be the world's worst".

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