Trump decries 'terrible pain' of Brett Kavanaugh, family

Posted October 09, 2018

"It was all made up", Trump said. But now he has taken an oath of service a second time for ceremonial reasons only. A yawning divide has opened in the a year ago over whether allegations of sexual misconduct should be enough to topple accused men from the pinnacle of their professions.

With the partisan divide becoming more glaring on every issue with each passing election, Republicans feel their voters now increasinly view Democrats as opportunists who wanted to milk the Christine Blasey Ford testimony - especially after the way they whined despite the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe finding no corroborating evidence of Ford's claims against Kavanaugh from their high school years more than three decades ago. Accusations from other women followed, none corroborated.

He has vehemently denied all allegations of sexual misconduct against him when he was in high school and college. In a frequently-shouted sworn statement of his own, he decried the Senate for putting his nomination in jeopardy.

The Senate voted 50-48 to approve Kavanaugh as protesters rallied across the country against a nominee who has been plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct as a young man and had questions raised over his candor and partisan rhetoric.

What's unclear is whether GOP unity is enough to preserve the GOP power in Congress.

Nearly immediately after the Senate vote, Democrats felt the chill from faraway North Dakota. Though Democrats still maintain an advantage in competitive House races, the past two weeks appear to have shifted momentum in the fight for the Senate majority back to the party of Trump.

Collins admits she initially thought Kavanaugh should withdraw after hearing Dr. Christine Ford's testimony.

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"I think that's premature", Senator Chris Coons, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said on NBC's Meet the Press.

"I'm not afraid of a primary", McConnell told reporters in his home state on Monday.

With tensions simmering, Pence got an earful from activists who booed and chanted "Vote them out!" as he walked to his motorcade.

Now it's a four-week race to tell the story.

But Monday marked the first time Trump has assigned a motive to Democrats or suggested the claims of any of Kavanaugh's accusers were intentional fiction.

To cheers of supporters at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, Trump declared it a "historic night", not long after signing the paperwork to make Kavanaugh's status official.

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It drew the line under a bruising nomination process defined by harrowing testimony from a woman who says Kavanaugh tried to rape her when they were teenagers - and by his fiery rebuttal.

He said "radical Democrats" have become "an angry, left-wing mob" and "too risky and too extreme to govern". Bevin would be elected governor the next year.

The Democratic candidates in Florida, Georgia and Maryland are seeking to be the first black governors there. "And it totally underscores the importance of keeping a Republican Senate". "He already has his campaign operation up and running", Self wrote. As one of the country's most powerful Republican lawmakers, Democrats have always targeted McConnell for defeat.

Certainly there are women out there-many women, including readers of this newsletter-who agree with the president and his counselor.

The next day, Sen.

The bitter battle over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court has exacerbated the nation's political divide and left many Americans emotionally raw.

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