Tony Ferguson Defeats Anthony Pettis In A World-Class Fight Via TKO!

Posted October 10, 2018

Ferguson was nearly knocked out early in the 2nd round but was managed to come back and put a beating on Pettis, and unfortunately for fans, the fight was stopped by Anthony Pettis' corner after the 2nd round.

"Where you at McNuggets - you fucking piece of shit?" he said.

Pettis offers a wild spinning kick and misses and now Ferguson is pressing forward, working the body.

Pettis attempted to get the finish but Ferguson did a masterful job of holding on until he could regain his composure.

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Eventually they get back to their feet, and the doctor determines that the blood is coming from a cut along Pettis' scalp. Pettis tries for a insane cartwheel kick that isn't effective and he ends up on his knees with Ferguson landing punches down on him in the final seconds of the round. Good right hand from Tony Ferguson to counter a low kick. Pettis slows down. Wow, what a kick by Pettis!

Tony Ferguson took on Kevin Lee in his last fight and actually defeated him with a Triangle Choke. Right hand for Pettis and Ferguson eats it, responding with two, three shots. A right hand scores for Pettis, and a left behind it.

Then comes Round 2, and immediately Pettis drops Ferguson with a knuckle-sandwich to the jaw, and drops him again with more punches. Pettis laughs! What an elbow by Ferguson.

Oh no, the fight is over, Anthony Pettis broke his hand! Ferguson destroys Pettis' head at the moment.

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El Cucuy on the top raining punches on the ground. The Fight Is Over, Coach Won't Let Him Continue!

However, his absence meant he was stripped of both the featherweight and lightweight crowns, with Nurmagomedov succeeding McGregor as top dog in the latter division.

Ferguson brought to tears after earning the win.

"We are down two rounds in the most important fight of your life, I need you to turn this up".

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