Enjoy afternoon tea at funeral directors and help breast cancer charity

Posted October 16, 2018

"I can "fight like a girl" all I want. but I'll never stop treatment".

October can be a month of empowerment, reflection and fundraising for those who have been affected by breast cancer. About 30 percent of breast cancer in young women is found a few years after having a child.

Uninsured women who need a mammogram can call the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force for help at 312-942-3368.

The Pink Caravan has reached out with free medical check-ups and screenings for more than 56,000 people across the UAE, detected several malignancies and supported the treatment of many patients who have battled and overcome the disease.

Regular mammograms can often help find breast cancer at an early stage, when treatment is most likely to be successful. And ultimately, the disease will kill them. The result of the rising breast cancer has become an important cause of premature deaths and suffering in these parts of the world.

Every woman is different, and there are varying levels of breast cancer risk for each.

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"This will be really good because 3D is extremely beneficial for dense breast tissue, and 40 percent of American women have dense breast tissue", Suri said.

But Tatum had problems with her community hospital from the start: unreliably scheduled appointments, missing mammogram records, lost biopsy records. "It makes absolute sense to opt for the most effective, decisive and conclusive screening technology, which remains the mammogram", adds Dr Smilg.

"I was in a panic", said Tatum, who lives near Altgeld Gardens on the Far South Side.

Breast cancer patients at Nebraska Medicine have been learning that they are not alone in their journey. In March 2013, she was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer.

Now, at 53, she said that life after cancer is handsome, healthier and more purposeful. "I remember clearly that the nurse who was giving me chemo was all covered up in plastic, ensuring the drugs do not get into her".

"They sell cupcakes, they sell pink bracelets at their churches and workplaces, and we have some our largest fundraisers in our schools". He said better education/awareness of the disease and a healthy diet comprising fresh vegetables and fruits can help reduce risk of breast cancer.

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A handful of women interviewed by The News Journal only knew of a couple of other DE women who have metastatic breast cancer.

BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION (BCF) launched Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) on Oct 6 with the Pink Ribbon Walk 2018.

Avon is a national sponsor for the event, she said, and fields up to 300 participants for the borough's walk.

Petition organiser Terre Nicholson said women around the country were dying early, "losing precious time they could spend with their families and to prepare their little ones for being without their mother". Those topics aren't usually brought up, she said.

"It is very devastating because they lose hair and their breast, so it is a lot of life changes they go through". So I asked her: 'You are all covered up and you inject these into my body?

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