Portraits from Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank royal wedding

Posted October 16, 2018

The newly married couple released four official portraits on Saturday, taken by photographer Alex Bramall at Windsor Castle, after their wedding ceremony on Friday.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank embrace, in the Scottish State Coach, upon its return to Windsor Castle following the Carriage Procession.

And thanks to the power of the Internet everyone can witness key moments from Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's royal wedding right here. Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Princess Eugenie got married on October 12 in Windsor and her wedding dress was specially created to show off the scars from the scars from the life-changing spinal surgery she underwent as a child.

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The Duke of York today shared a a personal picture of his ex-wife standing in what appears to be his Windsor home, Royal Lodge, as she turns 59 today. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are sitting in front of Brooksbank's parents with Robbie Williams and Ayda Field's 6-year-old daughter Teddy and another bridesmaid.

The longtime couple Wednesday Friday in a ceremony at St. George's Chapel, where Eugenie's cousin, Prince Harry, married Meghan Markle in May. Whether or not that's a major wedding faux pas shall be debated later, but the good news is everyone is so excited for them and the Queen couldn't be happier. She was caught getting her toes sucked by her financial adviser and was also outed for accepting money to provide access to her former husband.

"The low back feature on the dress was at the specific request of Princess Eugenie who had surgery aged 12 to correct scoliosis", the palace said in its official statement.

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Also, the speculation about Markle's pregnancy at Princess Eugenie's wedding because she chose to wear a coat was out of control; perhaps she and Prince Harry just wanted to get ahead of the tabloid cycle.

The two sisters are very close so it is hard to imagine Princess Eugenie having anyone else as her maid of honour.

New Zealand's number one royal magazine Woman's Day held the presses to include this special royal occasion in the current magazine, working through the night to publish 15 pages which capture the beauty and opulence of the celebration.

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