A Third of People Think the iPad Pro Makes a Great PC

Posted November 08, 2018

A Beyerdynamic USB-C microphone only worked when we used an A-to-C cable plugged into a hub.

Daring Fireball "The new Apple Pencil is one of the best "2.0" products I've ever seen". There isn't a single other tablet on the market that can compete with the raw hardware of the iPad Pro, and there aren't many laptops that can either. "If you're a "standard" user, then you'll be buying this iPad Pro as a luxury device, a media powerhouse - but get ready to pay out for the privilege". The new iPad Pros aren't out in stores yet, but an eagle-eyed BGR reader discovered Geekbench scores for the tablet.

The iPad Pro's handsome brushed aluminum backside can withstand a lot of roughhousing, but that doesn't mean it's not impervious to scratches, dings, scuffs, and other such minor blemishes.

Apple executives unveiled the new iPad Pro models in two screen sizes - 11-inch and 12.9-inch on Tuesday 30 October in NY and revealed the new iPad Pro makeover, which would include some of the iPhone features.

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The early reviews of the Apple iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) are out, but they are a little reluctant to render a final verdict.

You'll no longer be able to plug headphones into this device without an adaptor - Apple has removed the 3.5mm jack from this tablet - and there's no adaptor in the box.

"The new iPad Pro is a huge step forward for powerful, creative, mobile computing..."

The VergeThe Verge might have focused on the laptop-replacement aspect of the iPad Pro more than any other site, which was a determining factor in the lower score than last year's iPad Pro received. But reviewers have also caught one particular hiccup with the new iPad: though it features a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port for the first time, that new connector isn't compatible with external storage. However, the latest benchmark tests for the iPad Pro reveal the device might actually earn its comparisons with traditional computers.

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The silver iPad Pro, however, is certainly an iconic Apple color.

Of course, there are those types of cases, like the Smart Keyboard Folio and Smart Folio, which expose the entire edge of your iPad Pro.

"But Apple has begged the question: Can an 11-inch ($799) or 13-inch ($999) iPad Pro replace your need for a MacBook or Windows PC at work?" You are - how could it be different - sleeker, have narrower display edges. I don't think I'm just stuck in some old way of thinking or that I need to spend more time inventing a new workflow out of Siri Shortcuts and glue.

Those new to the tablet game, those considering whether to ditch their laptop for a slate, or any iPad Air user who's been patiently waiting for the right moment, however, are well advised to take it for a spin.

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