Apple cancels production boost for iPhone XR

Posted November 08, 2018

Since it's the cheapest of the new iPhone trio, you'd expect the iPhone XR to be the best selling of the bunch, but apparently that's not how things work in Apple land. These two models are roughly 20% cheaper than Apple's new iPhone XR which is available in the U.S. at a starting price of $749.

Five years ago, Apple cut production orders for its plastic-backed iPhone 5C a month after its launch, fueling speculation of weak demand for the model.

The iPhone XR also managed to get glowing reviews, both from the critics and users, but it is still one of the pricier models, which may be affecting the smartphone demand. While other, pre-launch supply-chain reports had even suggested that at one point, Apple was preparing to boost production of the mid-range handset by as much as 50 percent based exclusively on higher-than-expected sales outlook.

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Whilst iPhone XR demand has not met expectations, reports claim Apple has requested more iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models.

Indeed, it was widely hailed as the unexpected hit of Apple's 2018 iPhone event. Whether things change or not, that remain to be seen.

Piecing the details of the report together, it all appears to imply that more would-be iPhone buyers are opting to save the additional money by purchasing the older iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus instead of the newer iPhone XR.

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As for Wistron, Apple has asked the smaller iPhone assembler to stand by for rush orders, but supply chain sources claim the company will in fact receive none for the XR this holiday season.

Investors continued doing damage to Apple's stock price on Monday, following the company's controversial move to end the disclosure of unit sales data for its iPhone, iPad and Mac businesses.

Apple shares were down 3.6 percent in Monday afternoon trading, at $200.14.

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Maybe iPhone sales decline over time, or maybe Cupertino has something to hide. Foxconn and Pegatron each said they would not comment on specific customers or products. Apple planned to sell 20 million of these two during this quarter, but that number has now jumped to 25 million.