Legislation to Protect Robert Mueller Still Not on Senate Agenda, McConnell Says

Posted November 10, 2018

The two people close to Whitaker also said they strongly believe he would not approve any request from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to subpoena the president.

Just one month earlier, when asked by the hosts of "Fox & Friends" about a Washington Post story reporting that Whitaker was under consideration to replace Sessions, Trump took a different stance on his familiarity with the now-acting attorney general. He once opined about a situation in which Trump could fire Sessions and then appoint an acting attorney general who could stifle the funding of Mueller's probe.

Whitaker has made public comments critical of Mueller's investigation, and critics have called on Whitaker to recuse himself from oversight of the inquiry.

Trump said it was up to Whitaker whether he would be involved in the investigation.

Moscow denies interfering in the 2016 election.

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Trump does know Whitaker, and has spoken about the Russian Federation investigation with him.

McConnell, meanwhile, said, "I think this will be a very interim AG". But, in another interview that year, Whitaker also said he felt there was a red line for the probe.

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Conway explained President Trump is not planning to use the resignation as a way to shut down the Mueller probe.

Some legal experts, including the husband of White House counsel Kellyanne Conway, have argued Whitaker's elevation is unconstitutional given he was not confirmed by the Senate.

He said he would find a different attorney general at some point but confirmed he did not speak to Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday about the job.

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Whitaker told CNN in 2017 he could envision a situation where a new attorney general would "reduce (Mueller's) budget so low that his investigation grinds to nearly a halt". He said Democrats were concerned about what the Trump administration might do next concerning the special counsel probe: "Anyone writing even a dime store novel knows what the next couple of steps are on this".

"Whitaker is in no position to oversee this investigation and must immediately recuse himself", Landolti said.

Beyond Congress, the United States public has also expressed deep concern about the chaos within the Department of Justice. As Mueller's new boss, Whitaker is expected to take charge of oversight over the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, including approval of budget decisions and subpoenas. "By forcing the firing (of) the attorney general, the president now threatens the rule of law itself".

Demonstrators gathered outside the US consulate in Vancouver on Thursday in support of special counsel Robert Mueller.

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