Marvel shares touching Stan Lee tribute video

Posted November 14, 2018

While she did not mention Lee's cause of demise, celebrity news website TMZ reported that an ambulance was called to Lee's Hollywood Hills home early on Monday and that he died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. During his 1960s heyday, Mr. As the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, he was responsible for the creation of more superheroes than you can shake a stick at, including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Black Panther and Iron Man. "It was like there was something in the air. Every time you open a Marvel comic, Stan will be there".

This is one of the reasons why Marvel was loved by the college-going groups of readers, says comic historian Sean Howe in his book "Marvel Comics, The untold story".

Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber on Manhattan's Upper West Side in 1922 and according to a report by the Guardian, his childhood was marred by the Great Depression.

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Many left flowers while a Spider-Man comic book was also placed on the ground.

The New Yorker, known for his distinctive tinted glasses and impish grin, ended up in the comics business by accident, thanks to an uncle who got him a job when he was a teenager filling artists' inkwells and fetching coffee. Marvel released its own tribute to Lee on Monday.

Disney bought Marvel Entertainment in 2009 for $4 billion to expand Disney's roster of characters, with the most iconic ones having been Lee's handiwork.

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American writer Stan Lee has died at the age of 95. Even if the 32-year-old actor had good intentions, things certainly have spun out of control. Again, this list is not all-inclusive, and I may well have missed a few you're familiar with.

Lee is considered as one of the most legendary names in the history of comic books and the leading creative force behind the rise of Marvel Comics. Marvel action movies are nearly guaranteed blockbusters because they appeal to such a broad range of interests - and often Stan Lee, the creator of it all, makes appearances in the movies.

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