IT'S HERE! Watch the new John Lewis Christmas ad

Posted November 16, 2018

British music icon Elton John retraces his "incredible journey" in John Lewis' emotionally-charged and nostalgic Christmas spot.

This year's advert features British superstar, singer and songwriter Sir Elton John, and shows him in present day playing his piano and tracks back through his life to the moment he first received his piano as a gift.

This year's ad is titled, "The Boy and the Piano" and is set to the soundtrack of Elton's first big hit, Your Song.

The John Lewis Christmas ad 2018, is probably its strongest one in years.

John Lewis, who have a site on Futura Park in Ipswich, said that the scene was "inspired by real events" but involving "some creativity".

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The two-minute 20 second ad is a veritable feast for Elton fans, showing some of his most well-known moments and the lesser known ones, like performing in pubs as a teenager and playing the piano as a kid at school.

It opens with a wistful Elton John sitting at what purports to be his first piano, before he starts playing the opening bars to Your Song.

While the British department store chain is often unanimously praised for their Christmas adverts, this time around things have been more divided.

That some presents are more than just a gift.

"The ad is absolutely fantastic and I've truly loved every minute of being a part of it".

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John Lewis' latest festive ad will air on TV for the first time at 9.15pm tonight (15.11.18) during an ad break for Dark Heart.

This year department store rival Debenhams was criticised for releasing a Christmas advert similar to John Lewis's 2017 offering. Besides, while the annual John Lewis Christmas ads are a beloved holiday tradition, they're still ads.

However, Elton is said to have asked for a portion of his undisclosed fee to be donated to the Elton John Charitable Trust.

"Ah yes, that old saying; "Nothing says "it's Christmas" like Elton John"," wrote Si Hawkes on Twitter.

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