5 reasons why the iPad Pro should be your next computer

Posted November 23, 2018

In other words, Apple will unveil Black Friday deals on Black Friday itself, and the deals will be good through Cyber Monday, according to this teaser. The host of the video attempts to judiciously explain the how's and why's of the Surface Pro 6's survival and does so by pinning much of its success on the additional plate that is used as the kickstand for the device.

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Apple has released a video outlining why it believes that the new iPad Pro can replace customers' traditional computers. I'm not defending Apple here but we have to be reasonable too right? It's the speed boost that will mean a lot of iPad Air and iPad Air 2 users. The bending test video starts with the Apple Pencil that breaks with a surprising amount of ease; only slightly more than the force it takes to break a normal wooden pencil was needed to break the Apple Pencil.

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Last year, Apple held a similar Black Friday event in which it offered Apple Store gift cards (up to $150 in value) with purchases of certain iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac products.

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In either case, we recommend that you check out Apple's event page for more details when Black Friday rolls around. Depending on your state, this may actually be the better discount. As if bending it once wasn't enough, JerryRigEverything then tries to "bend it back" in place, but it's obvious at this point that the iPad Pro has been rendered useless. If we can read anything into the sales available past year, Apple is likely to throw-in a gift card with the purchase of its flagship products. The device has a great battery life, great performance and does everything really, really well. The Black Friday deal makes it even better.