Google Hangouts will shut down sometime in 2020

Posted December 02, 2018

Despite its impending demise, Hangouts is still featured prominently in some of Google's other popular services, such as the Gmail web client. But all of them invariably end up limping to Google graveyard, that virtual place which has become crowded in the last few years as the tech company has culled products and services again and again.

According to the report, Google Hangouts will be shut down for consumers in 2020.

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While Johnston admits that Hangouts "classic" - as we're told the team now calls it - will eventually shut down, the migration to Chat and Meet will ensure the messaging platform lives on, and that support continues. There was a lot of pressure for Google to come up with an iMessage competitor but Hangouts was not it.

Google launched Hangouts back in 2013 as a successor to Google Talk. The site noted Google's announcement a year ago of a shift to an enterprise focus with G Suite's Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet as an early sign that such a decision was forthcoming. Google unveiled a new strategy for Hangouts in 2017 when it launched the two messaging applications Allo and Duo.

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Google is now working on a new messaging app that will support Rich Communications Services (RCS), making SMS nearly WhatsApp like.

With Hangouts still integrated into some of Google's core products (e.g. on-demand video conferencing linked to Calendar events), it's likely that consumers will still find a use for Hangouts going forward.

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Android Messages is now what the company would prefer consumers to use, but given Google's history of launching and closing chat tools (remember Allo?) users would be forgiven for wondering just how long this tool may last.