Fortnite gets new Minecraft style third mode

Posted December 06, 2018

The new Unreal Tournament was announced back in 2014, with the studio taking a stance against "free to play" trends by making the game completely free without microtransactions.

Epic Games is historically known for its Unreal Engine and more recently for a teeny-weeny game you may know called Fortnite.

Battle Pass owners can start building on their own private Creative Mode islands on Thursday, and they can invite their friends (Battle Pass or no) in to play as well. Players can host limited time servers or even leave them up for others to join. Thanks in part to the global success of its smash-hit battle royale game, the company now has the resources and knowhow to create its own distribution platform, which in turn will enable Epic to take more financial control over its own intellectual property, too. After being leaked online by a YouTuber, Epic Games has officially unveiled Fortnite Creative, a sandbox mode allowing players to build their own maps and match types.

For PC Games, steam is one of the largest stores now available.

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Epic will be releasing more details at The Game Awards on December 6.

Another "do" asks you "use official Fortnite names for all weapons, Outfits, Points of Interest, and items".

Fortnite Creative is not the final build of the mode, however.

We are one day away from when the latest season of Fortnite commences and things are about to get a whole lot cooler in battle royale - literally. Epic basically serves as the middleman between streamers and YouTubers, helping developers to get the word out about their games and creators to get a revenue share.

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Steam took off in 2006 when it was opened up to non-Valve games, a process accelerated with its Greenlight initiative in 2012 to encourage independent developers to publish their games on Steam.

MCV talked to Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney about the new store.

Epic's announcement was quite opportune and we could see a big exodus of indies over to the Epic store-or at the very least more titles coming to both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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