XFL Officially Announces Franchise Cities & Venues

Posted December 07, 2018

The Tampa Bay team, which does not yet have a name, will play its home games at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

McMahon's league played one season in 2001 and then was disbanded.

Vince introduced XFL commissioner Oliver Luck, who said the XFL wants to complement fall football and reimagine the game. We will build strong grassroots relationships with local organizations in our Host Cities through social responsibility partnerships, and the XFL will enjoy the support of WWE's many extraordinary resources and promotional capabilities. For now, the Jets and Giants better prepare themselves for some new offseason tennants. Luck said. "It's a game that's fast-paced, high-octane, up-tempo, with a great rhythm, a great flow, with fewer stoppages in play".

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The XFL will host a press conference today at 12 PM EST where they will announce eight teams and venues that will begin play in 2020. McMahon said there's a long-term financial commitment for the league and there is a clamoring for live sports entertainment events than ever before. It will also cater to families looking for affordable ticket options.

It seems by placing XFL cities in famous National Football League locations, they are able to possibly capitalize on the downtime those fans might have in that market in the offseason.

Vince McMahon speaks about the XFL in 2000.

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One day after the long-awaited announcement that Seattle will be getting an National Hockey League franchise, the city is also going to be the site of one of the eight franchises in the rebooted XFL.

"Hundreds of players are cut every year from National Football League teams", Luck said in front of press and owners.

"Hundreds of players are cut every year from National Football League teams". While one of the main complaints about the first incarnation of the XFL was the poor quality of play, Luck appeared optimistic about attracting talented players to fill the rosters. The AAF also has eight teams and a 10-week schedule but has targeted mid-size markets.

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