READ: House Intelligence Committee Release James Comey's Interview Transcript

Posted December 09, 2018

Comey agreed to appear for the interview only after unsuccessfully fighting a subpoena in court. He branded the probe a political stunt created to divert attention from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation during the election.

Comey (shown above left) has been a main person of interest since the beginning, for his involvement in a key investigation and his public comments.

Comey, according to Issa, also appeared to be gleeful about following those instructions. Fittingly, a GOP member of the committee spoke to the media afterwards about how Comey wouldn't answer questions, at the direction of legal counsel.

Michael Cohen former lawyer to President Donald Trump leaves his apartment building on New York’s Park Avenue Friday Dec. 7 2018. In the latest filings Friday prosecutors will weigh in on whether Cohen deserves prison time and if so how much. (A

The House flipped to Democratic control after the midterm elections in early November.

Congressman Darrell Issa said he wanted answers about what he called the "fake dossier", a 2016 intelligence report including opposition research that alleges misconduct and ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

Former FBI director James Comey, sacked by President Donald Trump in 2017, testified on Friday (Dec 7) before USA lawmakers for the first time in over a year, but this time out of the camera glare. "There will be short-term damage, which worries me a great deal, but in the long run, no politician, no president can, in a lasting way, damage those institutions". It is the first time he has answered lawmakers' questions since an explosive June 2016 hearing in which he asserted that President Donald Trump fired him to interfere with his investigation of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign.

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Comey was in charge of both of those investigations. "The entire objective of this investigation is to cast aspersions on the real investigation. there is no evidence whatsoever of bias at the FBI or any of this other nonsense".

So far, more than 30 people have been charged or pleaded guilty in Mueller's investigation. California Rep. Darrell Issa said Comey had two lawyers in the room, his personal lawyer and a lawyer from the Justice Department. While such closed-door interviews often extend late into the night, lawmakers said Friday that the interview would end in the afternoon because of scheduling issues. Two other Republicans, Reps.

Comey was on the Hill after backing down in his effort to fight a subpoena to force him to testify.

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The interview comes as GOP lawmakers wrap up a yearlong investigation into decisions made at the Justice Department during the 2016 presidential election.

In addition to Comey's ouster four years into a 10-year term, Trump helped orchestrate the removal from the bureau of Andrew McCabe, who was interim director when Comey was sacked.

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